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Hmm, yeah.

I can really get into this tune. Nice work.

It's good

But a little plain for my tastes. It's very linear all the way through, though I suppose that's the idea of background music. Nice work, all the same.

DylanGlow responds:

Thanks Tatara! Yeah, I guess that is the idea of background music. Hey, no problem! I really appreciate that you'd leave the review and constructive criticism! Thanks a bunch!!! ^_^

~Dylan ^_^

Cool, calming, and ultimately entertaining.

Soudns really good, I certainly like it, anyway. All my fives are belong to you.

I like, but a few flaws,

While I know it's your own cover, when you tend to go higher over the piano rather than lower, it tends to take away from the mood. But it's still very good for what it is, da?

Good, but not Dethklok.

Honestly, though it was a good attempt, and had it been something unrelated to Metalocolypse, it would of been alright. But it really annoyed me more than anything else, and it I felt it was pretty crappy when compared to the original version.

In the original, the vocals and the instrumental are on very similar volumes, while the vocals in your version seem to go over the music in the background. Also, the vocals are... more... oh, let's go with difficult to understand, very melded, low and typical death metal.

But I applaud you on a good effort, anyway.

Eternalreich responds:

well i got a version with no vokills so lets hear you get er done my freind.

ps dethklok vokills suck ass


The sounds were really obnoxious, sorry.


Two instruments can't play Canon without it sounding off.

OblivionX9 responds:

It wasnt sounding "off" the so called off sounds were cords called 11th's and 13th's ie: 1, 3, 5,7,9,11 or played as 5,7,9,11 usually same with the 13th. the last four notes are played resulting in a very unique sound :)

As you said:

Very slow to get in to. But just because you said it, doesn't excuse it. Cut it down a bit and it might actually be worth listening to all the way through.

Quite good

But the instrumentals were a wee bit plain for my tastes. Still, not bad.

Cosmos8942 responds:

Plain? Haha...yes it all depends on the taste of the said person who happens to listen to my piece. Still you said it was not to your taste and yet you gave me a 7/10...haha thanks :D

*falls down a hill*

What the =.=...where'd that hill come from?...XP

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